The Tidy Dog

A toy bin that trains your dog to clean up!

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Turn The Tidy Dog on for a quick cleanup session or leave it on for continual cleanup! The Tidy Dog trains, stimulates and feeds your dog! 




How does it work?

The Tidy Dog's smart sensors detect the weight of a toy when it is added to the bin.  If a toy is added, the Tidy Dog dispenses a treat.  The Tidy Dog's software knows the difference between a toy that has been added to the bin and a dogs nose that is shuffling around in the bin looking for their favorite toy!  If your dog removes a toy from The Tidy Dog it will wait 30 seconds before your dog can place the toy back in the bin for a treat.  If your dog puts the toy back in the bin within the 30 seconds, no treat is dispensed and the timer is then removed allowing your dog to continue cleaning up!  




    Size:  12.5" X 16.5" X 6"

    Hopper Capacity:  1 Cup

    Batteries:  4 X AA

    Kibble:  Small kibble recommended


    Our Story:

    When I started training my dog Evie to pick up her toys, I wanted to find a way to get her to put them away without having to tell her all the time.  My very first prototype was a desktop candy dispenser.  It was like a hand motion soap dispenser, only it dispensed candy.  I pulled the motion sensor out and mounted it in Evie's toy bin.  Then I filled the candy dispenser with kibble.  That was the first of many prototypes that have now become The Tidy Dog.





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