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Retriever in car crate

How to Transport a Dog Safely by Car

This is especially true now that the status of the dog is changing, the dog is becoming a member of our community, accompanying the owners during vacations, trips.

It is estimated that about 25 percent. all accidents are caused by distractions from the driver, so animals cannot move freely in the cabin of the car, sit in the front seat, or even what still happens to the driver on the road during the journey.

Larger dogs with special harnesses, fastened with seat belts, should be transported on the rear seat or in a station wagon body in a luggage compartment separated from the cabin by a grille or net, preferably in a luggage compartment specially equipped for transporting the animal.

It is safest to transport a smaller animal in a cage that should be secured in the car so that it does not move (eg with seat belts) or at least placed on the floor in the front passenger seat. If you drive a truck the best and safest option would be dog crate for truck bed.

Specialists point out to dog owners that not all safety devices offered in our stores perform their function equally well, because so far their certification is not mandatory for manufacturers, but only voluntary.

Recent safety test results show that the safest devices (harnesses with leashes) for dogs are those with a three-point attachment: the Isofix system (which is also used to attach child seats) secures the lower body of a seated dog on both sides and one attachment for the back.

With the help of such an attachment, more serious injuries are avoided, as the dog remains stable even when the car is braked very abruptly. When choosing travel cages, you should also consider how strong they are.

In addition, the cage should be large enough to make the animal feel comfortable in it, but by no means too large – this is also important for the safety of the dog.